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Mrs Jelfs Biscuits

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I have a problem here at home. A storage problem that always seems to rear its ugly head as we approach the festive period. It all started many years ago, probably over 30 years ago!!

Jeff Lynne’s Column

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In London they have the world famous Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square, St Paul’s Cathedral etc, etc. Up here in Birmingham, we’ve gone a long way to improve the city over the last couple of decades,

Hot Chocolate

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Hot chocolate, no not the well known band from the 70’s, but the drink. I’ve always been an avid tea drinker, always will be, together with the odd bottle of Still Scottish water. Just lately though, and it’s always on a Saturday afternoon when we usually visit Solihull town centre and meet with our family,

The Long Kiss Goodnight

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I am having another go at these photo challenges as no one said anything detrimental about my first one, I thought it must be ok. This challenge seems a little different, and you have to use a certain amount of creative thinking in the process. Ooh, that could be very difficult for me the. Thinking and being creative, all in one sentence.

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