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Well now. It’s long overdue that I write one of these blogs, so I’m coming back with the daily prompt Criticise. It’s one of those words that I dislike. I really do………

Rusty Old Tat

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Can you believe that nothing more than a piece of rusty old tat in the form of a key from the Titanic has just been sold for an amazing £85,000!! That’s $103,959.25!!

Master Chef

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Master chef is the name of a TV show here in the UK where up and coming Gordon Ramseys’ cook something and a judge decides who has produced the best meal wins! Well, that’s how it seems to me from what I’ve seen so far.

Phone A Pet

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Here’s a new service that I came across being discussed on the radio today, it’s called something like Phone A Pet! As soon as I heard the introduction to the article, my ears pricked up. After all, this was mainstream BBC radio around midday.

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