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Palava in La Scala

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I took my wife to the world famous opera house in Milan, La Scala. It wasn’t to see a performance. We were in the city and you could wander around the legendary building for a small fee.

What Happened To The Ice Cream Man?

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Where Did The Ice Cream Man Go?

Now summer is here we all need ice cream, but what happened to the ice cream man? When did they disappear from the face of the earth?

Home Brew Beer And A Juggernaut

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Homebrew Beer

Long before the internet was invented or Ebay and Amazon ruled the world, there was mail order. Those not old enough to remember what mail order is,

I Sat Next To A Wooden Statue And His Arm Fell Off!

I was out and about Saturday and it was a pleasant change. Fresh air, exercise and all that stuff. You know how it is, you wander around for a while and then see a bench and think to yourself,


So Sorry!!

It seems that in my total stupidity and thinking I was making my blog safer I made it a little bit too safe. So safe that it hid every comment that had been made over the past week or so.

Is It Just Me That’s Useless With Flat Pack Furniture?

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I’ve always had trouble with flat pack furniture. The stuff they sell by the lorry load at places like Ikea. These days I try to buy furniture already assembled. It’s been a simple ambition of mine to have my very own man shed.

Have You Ever Been On A Jumping Holiday?

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Have you ever been on a jumping holiday? I was bamboozled into one about 12 years ago! It’s a simple idea. You choose from a selection that includes Bungy jumping,

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