Our New Apple Tree

Well, I have finally managed to get our new apple tree and plant it in the old dustbin that was lying around and doing nothing. With all the rain we have had lately, enough to make a new ocean, I…


Things Sent To Try Us

My dear old Mom used to say quite often, ‘..these things are sent to try us’ which usually meant she was having a bad day. It would puzzle me as to precisely who sent these things and why did they…


My Garden

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So far, it’s been a strange summer, certainly here in mid-Wales. We’ve had the hottest June on record followed by what must be the wettest and coolest July to date! I love my garden and although it isn’t very big…


What A Mess

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Alexa Has Arrived In Our House

It was my wife, Debbie’s birthday a couple of weeks ago and when I asked her what she would like as a present, she said she would like one of those Alexa things from Amazon. I’m not technologically challenged, but…


My Old Bin

I have this old galvanised bin that’s been in the garden since we moved here in 2017. It’s always been empty, I’ve never used it and it sort of gets moved around from here and there. I once considered converting…


My Missing Mouse

Sometimes it’s not as bad as you first think. I’ve been having a few laptop troubles this past month or so when the thing seems to take on a mind of its own. “I have taken over, you will do…


Sofa Wrestling

Every day lately, I seem to be sofa wrestling! I know people think I’ve been overeating as seen in my last post, but this is part of growing older. Inside my head, I’m still 17, honestly, I still think like…


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