Palava in La Scala

I took my wife to the world-famous opera house in Milan, La ScalaIt wasn’t to see a performance. We were in the city and you could wander around the legendary building for a small fee. That particular day I wasn’t feeling too good. I’m not sure how best to describe my illness. The best way is probably to say I had a ‘dodgy tummy!’

I’m not an Opera lover, but……

Once inside La Scala, we were both surprised we were the only people there except for a few workmen on the stage. I’m no Opera lover, but this place has magic about it. There’s a sea of red from the seats to the curtains to the separate viewing boxes spread over a couple of floors.

La Scala is laid out in a circular fashion from the stage and wherever you are you will have a great view of the performance. We were both impressed. Making it to the second floor, my poorly tummy started rumbling and bubbling. I needed to go somewhere and pretty quick! I was so pleased to see a toilet close to where I was and even more pleased that we were the only people here.

That was close!

I don’t want to go into detail, but I only just made it to the bathroom with seconds to spare. In truth, it was no more than a cupboard with a toilet and hand basin, but at that moment it was a lifesaver. I remember thinking how glad I was that we were the only visitors in the theatre as you can imagine the embarrassment the aroma would cause if there were others around.

Feeling better, I exited my life-saving seat and washed my hands. As I opened the door I was horrified! There was at least a coach full of Japanese tourists all waiting patiently to use the toilet. Two minutes earlier there was no one, not a soul. It was time to drop my head to the floor and make a sharp exit. As I headed towards my wife who was laughing her socks off by now, all I could hear were shouts of “Pooooo…. Poooo….” in a Japanese accent. I suppose Pooooo is the same in any language.

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  • Leland Olson Hoel
    June 25, 2017

    When I read your first blog, I knew from the start you are a down-to-earth honest man. I believe your experience at the Opera revealed your true feeling about the famous opera house. You left your own tribute, as if roses had been strewn all over the place. The Japanese are a forgiving lot, you gave them something to talk about for the rest of their trip, very neighborly.

    • Trev Jones
      June 25, 2017

      Thank you for your very kind words, Leland. I like that you say I left my own tribute, which is true in a way. It was just such a shock to see so many Japanese tourists when I got outside.

      • Lara/Trace
        June 25, 2020

        Why am I laughing? Should I be laughing?

        • Trev
          June 25, 2020

          Thank you and I’m glad it made you laugh. 😀