Independence Day

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I promised in my last post on here that I would try and find some video of Debbie and me playing the guitar. Well, this version of Independence Day, is a song written and sung by American singer-songwriter, Gretchen Peters….


Playing The Guitar

I’ve loved playing the guitar for nearly 50 years now. It was the one thing that grabbed my attention during my ‘formative’ years.’ Never sure why they call it your formative years, I never really formed anything and thinking back,…


Chim Cheroo

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Animal Farm

This isn’t a story based on Mr Orwell’s famous book, Animal Farm. It’s about the trip out we made when we took the Grandchildren to a small breeds farm and owl centre in lovely Herefordshire. Easter school holidays and we…


No Flies On Me

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These Boots Were Made For Working

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These boots were made for working and they certainly did that. Who knew that throwing an old pair of worn-out working boots could be so emotionally challenging? It was like saying goodbye to an old friend and in many ways,…


This Killer Boogie

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