Shocking It has been very dry and very very cold at the start of December. Brass monkey weather all over again!! I know November was one of the mildest on record, which I have no complaints about. Anyway, December came…


What On Earth Was Lumbago?

Worcester Sauce

I know the Americans usually have trouble saying Worcester Sauce, sometimes calling it Worcestershire Sauce, but I had long forgotten about this delicious seducer of taste buds. When it comes to lunch, I usually have a couple of slices of…


Her Majesty the Queen

May Her Majesty the Queen rest in peace. I’m sure most people feel the same as I do at this moment, like losing your favourite Grandmother. Certainly, in my lifetime I have never known anyone other than Her Majesty being…


What Do You Do All The Time?


Independence Day

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I promised in my last post on here that I would try and find some video of Debbie and me playing the guitar. Well, this version of Independence Day, is a song written and sung by American singer-songwriter, Gretchen Peters….


Playing The Guitar

I’ve loved playing the guitar for nearly 50 years now. It was the one thing that grabbed my attention during my ‘formative’ years.’ Never sure why they call it your formative years, I never really formed anything and thinking back,…


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