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No French Mustard!

Pas De Moutarde Française as they say in France. There’s an official shortage of French mustard in the shops. There are a couple of reasons as to why my favourite part of the condiment shelf is empty in the local…


Happy New Year 2024

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It’s been a strange year, well, for me it has although I’m not complaining, honestly. Now it’s almost time to welcome a new year, 2024 and also the time when lots of folks make resolutions. I don’t though, it’s not…


Busy! I Have Been Non-Stop

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I can’t believe how busy I have been these past couple of weeks. I originally came to Wales to put my feet up and generally retire, doing whatever took my fancy. Well, no flippin’ chance!! I’m not complaining, it truly…


Brand New Tossing & Turning Machine

Sleep has been something that has been lacking in my life lately. I don’t mean like I haven’t slept for months on end, total insomnia, but more snoozing, waking up in the night and tossing and turning sort of thing….


The Banoffee Pie Incident

What goes ‘Whoa, bloody hell, plop’? I can tell you, it’s my wife, Debbie, carrying a freshly homemade Banoffee Pie from the kitchen to the dining room and managing to throw it, face down, on the carpet! Yes, a beautifully…


I’m Back And Hopefully For Good!

Right, where to start? Apologies for being missing in Action for at least a month or two or perhaps, even longer. I got myself a couple of infections, nothing serious, but enough to stop me doing all the things I…


Our New Apple Tree

Well, I have finally managed to get our new apple tree and plant it in the old dustbin that was lying around and doing nothing. With all the rain we have had lately, enough to make a new ocean, I…


Things Sent To Try Us

My dear old Mom used to say quite often, ‘..these things are sent to try us’ which usually meant she was having a bad day. It would puzzle me as to precisely who sent these things and why did they…