Banana Cake

Banana Cake A delicious cake and a great way to use any ripe bananas that might otherwise be wasted. Banana is also one of your five a day essentials, so it’s a great excuse for making a cake and eating…


Vegetable Stew and Soup

What could be better on a cold winters night than a bowl of home made vegetable stew or soup? This recipe is both affordable and full of goodness. It’s also very very tasty! A tasty homemade recipe that can be served…


Apple & Blackberry Pie

Apple & Blackberry Pie We are fortunate to have an abundance of wild fruit growing where we live. One of the most prolific being Blackberries. We’ve almost watched and wish them grow on a daily basis. Being city types, neither…


Banoffee Pie

Banoffee Pie Another naughty but nice desert. Home made Banoffee pie that we all enjoy especially at family gatherings. There must be some goodness in it as it contains Bananas. They are very easy to make too and should serve…


Chocolate and Beetroot Cake

Recipes I hope you look out for my recipes and they prove useful to you. I’m not an expert, in fact I’m no expert in anything. More a Jack of all trades. I doubt Gordon #*x”#*! Ramsey will have any…


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