Silly Old Sod

Hello, this is all about a silly old sod and that’s me! I suddenly find I have a fair amount of time on my hands after too many years of helping to keep this country moving. I don’t have any plans for getting older, after all, I’m grateful for getting this far without any serious problems. I have always enjoyed a laugh, so long as no one gets hurt, and, it’s a genuine laugh, not taking the mick out of someone because of their misfortune.

And so it is, I venture forward into the world of blogging with my very own.

I enjoy a lot of pastimes, it’s the creative spirit in me that I’ve had all my life. Painting, drawing, playing guitar (mainly blues) photoshopping and now blogging! I even have a little bit of love for my garden although I’m not as passionate as some people are. I do like writing, but I have never had much opportunity before now to spend much time doing it!

I hope you’ll join me on this new journey of mine and that we get to have a few laughs, share some good tips and wherever possible help each other out.


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