The Most Peaceful Place In The Universe

The Most Peaceful Place In The Universe

I was out and about walking again just a few days ago when I came across the most peaceful place in the universe! The land I was rambling through is privately owned and there’s a lot of it. About 84 acres. The people who own it allow locals to wander through, keeping to the footpaths and usually on weekdays only.

Imagine Paradise

The wooden building in the photograph is a simple affair. A glorified shed, if you like. About a mile into the walk, you pass through some dense woodland into an opening where the river meanders by. This is where the ‘peace haven‘ is. It’s hard to describe in words, but imagine if you could build a place in paradise, then this would be it.

No Technology

Inside are just the basic needs for a simple life. A bed, cupboard and stove. No modern technology here. However, the surroundings are so beautiful you would not want for anything. Although the weather was wall-to-wall sunshine as I strolled by, I am sure the feelings of peace and tranquillity would be the same even if it was heavy thunderstorms.

Invigorating To The Soul

The steady sound of the river rolling by, birds singing and the sun overhead dappled by the leaves on the trees swinging in the gentle breeze. The whole ambience is just invigorating to the soul. I think I could live here. Never have I been in a position before of asking myself could I live without all the benefits of modern-day living? No TV, no radio, no internet, just the basics for staying alive, but with total peace and surroundings of Paradise.

Getting Back To Nature

If I’m honest with myself, I don’t think I could live like this forever. As a break for a few days to find peace and quiet, then I probably could. I’ve never understood the old saying about getting back to nature, but I think I do now. This walking malarkey has opened my eyes. What we miss when we are so busy to enjoy what is right under our noses! By the time I’d finished, I had walked just over 2 miles. Not a marathon, but I enjoyed every single step of the way.

If you’d like to find some peaceful places in Wales, here’s a website.

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  • Invisibly Me
    May 20, 2018

    This sounds wonderful, and you’re totally right about the peace and quiet and nature, the respite from ‘modern’ living and being constantly connected and busy. I think I could live that like for a little while, too, as a break every now and then to reconnect to what’s important and slow down to appreciate the small joys in life.
    Caz xx

    • Trev Jones
      May 20, 2018

      Thank you Caz. I think that’s the secret, to do it every now and then. Thank you.

    • Emma Davies
      May 23, 2018

      Rescue me from London x

      • admin
        May 23, 2018

        Hi Emma, I feel your pain having moved here from Birmingham. It’s like being in heaven. Thank you for commenting 🙂

  • zumpoems
    May 26, 2018

    There are few places where nature is as comforting and idyllic as the best escapes in Wales. Everyone should be able to step away from the rush of civilization into the sanctuary of unexploited nature.

    • Trev Jones
      June 9, 2018

      Sorry for the very late reply, Zumpoems. You are right what you say. Very true indeed. Thank you too for highlighting the problems on twolightson. All fixed now. 🙂

  • Sue W-Nan's Farm
    May 30, 2018

    Hello Trev,
    It’s over forty years since my family and I moved to our small farm here in Yorkshire and it remains the best decision we ever made. I coudn’t move back to the concrete jungle even if someone paid me, I’ve been here too long, I live and breath this life.

    We were so fortunate in finding this place, our spot is just outside of a village and 10 miles/ 25 minutes from the city where we grew up.

    • Trev Jones
      May 31, 2018

      Hi Sue, sorry I’m late replying. Yes, we can’t believe how lucky we are to be living in the countryside. There are just so many good points and like you, we’d never go back to the city. I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog posts and thank you for your lovely words.

  • The timing is perfect! Yesterday I went to the supermarket and was amazed in a disturbing way to find the terrible hurry everybody was in. I’ve never noticed it being quite as bad as it was yesterday. I could’nt stop and read a label without fear of being run down by a cart! I love your peaceful place!

    • admin
      June 2, 2018

      Thank you, Ronnie. Everyone seems to be living life these days at 120mph! We all need a place where we can just sit and totally relax, enjoying the space around us as nature intended it. I hope you find some peace away from the supermarket. Thank you, again.

  • delphini510
    June 9, 2018

    Trev, thanks for this wonderful post. I am so glad to hear about this beautiful walk and connection to nature. Love the simple building in the wood, what a place to sit and dream.????
    I love connecting this way with nature too, find it in fact a need; like food for the soul.
    ~ miriam

    • Trev Jones
      June 9, 2018

      Thank you, Miriam. I agree with every word you say. I find too, that the older I get, the closer to nature I want to be.

  • InnerDialects
    July 13, 2018

    Thank you for visiting and following Innerdialects… and I must say I love the photography and places you’re at… gorgeous. “…if you could build a place in paradise, then this would be it…” I’m officially jealous.

    • admin
      July 14, 2018

      Thank you, InnerDialects, that’s very kind of you and it gives me great pleasure that you’re enjoying my posts and photographs. Thank you

  • CareSA
    July 28, 2018

    Your’e no where nearer to peace and to God than in a garden.

    • admin
      July 28, 2018

      I like that, thank you.